Monday, April 28, 2014

Hammer's Payback

Marvel doesn't want this, so I put it out for free. Not my best work ever, but not a bad little story either. Enjoy.

Ivan Vanko ruined the Stark Expo. The world blamed Justin Hammer and made him pay. Hammer blamed Virginia Potts and Anthony Stark. Now he's on a mission to get his payback.

While Hammer is serving his 12 year sentence in a minimum security facility, a mysterious benefactor appears with an offer to break him out. The price: deliver Iron Man. Hammer kidnaps Pepper and demands the Mark V armor as ransom.

This story is set after Iron Man 2, but BEFORE Avengers. Canon compliant with Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Warning: male rape is mentioned as a reality in prison, but the act is NOT described. Also adult language. Click here to read.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Three Little Pigs Get an Extreme Home Makeover

I have all kinds of links for you.

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